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Colored SQL

Ever troubled to capture a particular SQL statement which is found to be consuming significantly potential database resources, wanted to keep a record of its trend or behaviour over times upon various tuning attempts.  AWR snapshot does not include all SQLs in its report unless it is identified to be a TOP SQL Statement. In such cases, it never used to be possible to capture a desired SQL Statement to monitor its trend over various tuning attempts. 

To give DBA the ability to capture such desired SQL Statements, Oracle has introduced a procedure called "add_colored_sql()" with the package "dbms_workload_repository" in 11g that inturn marks the SQL as "colored", so that SQL ID which is marked as colored will be captured in every AWR snapshot, It does not need to be a top SQL Statement.

To color the SQL Statement,
dbms_workload_repository.add_colored_sql( sql_id => 'f93g1utkcbzy1'

To remove the colored SQL Statement from AWR snapshots,
begin dbms_workload_repository.remove_colored_sql( sql_id => 'f93g1utkcbzy1'

Note : We need the SQL_ID inorder to color it

Following dictionary views/tables can be queries to find the status,

To check the status of any colored SQL Statements,


  2  /
---------- ------------- ---------
 223864828 f93g1utkcbzy1 13-APR-13

To check if the colored SQL ID is captured, please take the AWR Report  over its next interval 

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