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Oracle Database 12c New Features Explained - RMAN with Multitenant Architecture

RMAN is the beauty of Oracle Backup and Recovery architecture, has changed completely the way backups work and unlimited so many possibilities. We saw so many enhancements by Oracle with each version from Compression of Backups to Handling block corruption. And, 12c is no exception for that. 

In this post, I would like to discuss about new enhancements made to RMAN as part of changes influenced by the Oracle Database Architecture like Multitenant Architecture.

Let's start with Multitenant Architecture, Please refer to my blog post to know more about it.

Backup and Recovery of Pluggable Databases

"SYSBACKUP" is the new privilege or user that has been introduced in 12c to perform RMAN Backup and Recovery Operations, no more SYSDBA privilege is required for a specific user to perform Backup operations. "SYSBACKUP" has two roles assigned "SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE" and "HS_ADMIN_SELECT_ROLE""BACKUP PLUGGABLE DATABASE" is the new command introduc…