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Oracle Database 12c - What's new with Oracle Dataguard for Physical Standbys? (New Features)

We know Dataguard by far is the industry's utmost reliable DR solution to protect the enterprise data for Oracle Databases. Let me share some of the new features I have learned so far,

Following points to be noted
=>SYSDG Privilege
A special privilege "SYSDG" has been introduced to simplify Dataguard operations.

=>Far Sync Instance
A New Standby destination type is allowed in Active Dataguard environment that ensures zero data loss failover and zero performance impact on Primary Database, is called "Far Sync Instance". This destination contains parameterfile, controlfile, and standby redo logs (SRLs), it receives the redo from Primary Database, and archives it to local destination through Standby Redo Logs. There are no Datafiles here. Technically, A Standby Database Instance without Datafiles is called Far Sync Instance. A far sync instance consumes very little disk and processing resources, yet provides the ability to failover to a terminal destination with …